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Seasons Greetings
Hi everyone,

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

PHP-Fusion Mods UK Development remains frozen for now until PHP-Fusion 9 stable is released. We will resume back to normal development when 9 is released hopefully sometime in January.

PHP-Fusion Mods UK continues to provide Support, please continue to use the site as normal. Even though developments are frozen temporarily we are still very much alive and kicking with PHP-Fusion enthusiasm and our community still stands strong.

Dev Frozen Until PHP-Fusion V9 Stable
I have decided, due to the beta testing phase of PHP-Fusion v9 currently under way all PHP-Fusion Mods UK developments have been frozen (paused) until PHP-Fusion v9 stable has been released.
The decision to freeze all our developments will allow me to spend time testing PHP-Fusion v9 and getting to understand and learn the new core.

As you know there has been a lot of nice new features added to PHP-Fusion including SEO, Multilingual Features, the Introduction of PDO Functions, new User Fields API 1.2, new Admin Themes, and much, much more. I must study the core and learn about all these new things and more in order to be able to continue development again.

All current PHP-Fusion Mods UK Addons & Themes will still work with PHP-Fusion v9 however I do know that all themes will eventually need updated if we want to make use of the new theme functions like the two new panel positions - AU_CENTER ( Above upper center ) and BL_CENTER (Below Lower Center). There is lots of new things to learn but it will be a fun process as long as everyone helps each other we will all learn these new things soon enough.

So to sum things up, it is time to stop mods development while PHP-Fusion Beta Testing is under way.
As soon as PHP-Fusion v9 Stable is released mods development will resume as normal.

Happy testing PHP-Fusion v9, have fun, and I will see you all around. :)

Themes, Panels, Infusions
Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I last posted a Development Blog but since my last post there has been some new things released (See PHP-Fusion Mods UK Downloads Section or RSS Feed To find out our Latest releases) as well as current and new development work continuing.

First off as you will know by now a new theme is coded and installed on PHP-Fusion Mods UK. It's called Protean Theme and this will be my 3rd Responsive Theme to be released. We are still testing it and finishing some final things then it will be released.

Quicksign Panel V3.00 is also almost complete and is installed on PHP-Fusion Mods UK. It is now a Fixed Top bar and completely recoded. User Controls now also in the drop down thanks to the suggestion from dal9910 over in theQuicksign Panel Support thread. It also features a Scroll up and down and Home Page link.

FusionTube V2.00 Development is currently on hold until I re write the upgrade.php file since I deleted it by mistake a month or so ago (Nightmare). There is also some things to clean up and complete for it before a possible release.

As always other PHP-Fusion Mods projects & developments may be under radar and well, we will see what more comes from us. PHP-Fusion Mods UK continues as always to provide quality addons and themes as wells as fast, efficient support.

Thanks for reading the blog, thanks for your continued support and thanks for using our Addons & Themes for PHP-Fusion. Till my next blog post, Happy Fusioning!!


Our Developments Stay FREE

There's been some changes to PHP-Fusion Licensing with the introduction of newly structured EPAL (Enduser PHP-Fusion Addon License) .

What's EPAL?

EPAL is a Commercial Addons License option for PHP-Fusion Developers.
EPAL can not be purchased or used outside of PHP-Fusion's Addon Database.
EPAL can only be used by approved Developers in the PHP-Fusion Developers Network (PFDN). You can read more about the PFDN here.
EPAL will act as an semi CRL license, thus revoking AGPL while each buyer will have their site EPAL licensed instead.
Everyone who need a CCL or CRL will still need to acquire one of the respective Licenses to remain legally Licensed.
Both CCL and CRL works in conjunction with EPAL Licensed Addons since they both also revoke AGPL.

PHP-Fusion Management say that after multiple confirmations from both validated AGPL experts and with the help of answers from The Free Software Foundation (FSF), they are happy that they have both a viable and a legal solution to Commercial Addons with the EPAL License.

When I started coding in 2009 money was not on my mind, I just wanted things for my site so I learned how to code them. I then enjoyed coding more and more so I decided to start up a PHP-Fusion Mods site of my own and distribute my own works. Well, 5 years later and I am still at it, coding away and providing myself and other users with nice FREE addons and themes for PHP-Fusion CMS.

Over the years all addons and themes I have released have been FREE for everyone and after careful consideration and thinking on my part I have decided this will not change.

All Addons & Themes I code will remain released as FREE software under AGPL 3 regardless whether they are distributed via PHP-Fusion Mods UK or the official Addons DB or any other site on the net, they stay 100% FREE.

All Addons & Themes available on PHP-Fusion Mods UK will remain released as FREE software under AGPL 3.

Users of my developments can choose to donate a small amount of money at any time if they feel they wish to show appreciation and gratitude. Our [Donate Page[] on the site is for that.

PHP-Fusion Mods UK Addons & Themes remain supported without warranties unless other wise specified.

I will take this opportunity to thank everyone who uses my PHP-Fusion work and hope you will continue to use my work old and new.

New things coming up soon including cBlog, FusionTube 2 and other nice surprises, all for FREE!

cBlog Coming Soon
I am pleased to announce an new blog infusion myself and Richard has been working on and due to release soon.
cBlog is a new Blog infusion for PHP-Fusion 7.02.
cBlog features the option to choose which group can post blogs, Image Upload for blog posts, blog comments & ratings, option to enable a users cBlog posts to be displayed on the site opening page and an option to display blogs on profile. Image Size settings, char limiter and enable/disable cBlog options also available in cBlog Admin back end.

Click Read More to see some cBlog Images